Plane Table Surveying & Curves Important Question for GATE

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Plane Table Surveying & Curves Important Question for GATE

Plane Table Surveying & Curves Important Question for GATE

Plane Table Surveying & Curves Important Question for GATE Surveying is the cornerstone of engineering expertise, and within its domain, understanding plane table surveying and curves holds immense significance. In this blog post, we meticulously curate essential GATE questions to fortify your comprehension and adeptness in these indispensable principles.

one mark question

Q 1) The method of orientation used, when the plane table occupies a position not yet located on the map is called as

(a) traversing
(b) radiation
(c) levelling
(d) resection

[GATE-2017 SET-II]

Q 2) The VPI (vertical point of intersection) is 100 m away when measured along the horizontal) from the VPC (vertical point of curvature). If the vertical curve is parabolic the length of the curve (in meters and measured along the horizontal) is__________?\

[GATE-2017 SET-I]

Q 3) A circular curve of radius R connects two straights with a deflection angle of 60°. The tangent length is

(a) 0.577 R
(c) 1.732 K
(b) 1.155 R
(d) 3.464 R

[GATE-2016 SET-I]

Q 4) The relationship between the length (1) and radius (r) of an ideal transition curve is given by

(a) l r
(b) l r2
(c) l (1/r)
(d) l (1/r2)


Q 5) The tangent distance for a circular curve of length 150 meters joining two straights meeting at an external deflection angle of 30°_______?


Q 6) The resected position of plane-table station from three known position is unreliable, if the station lies_____?


Q 7) Setting out a curve using two theodolite methods involves with:

(a) linear measurement only
(b) angular measurements only
(c) one linear and one angular measurements
(d) one linear and two angular measurements


Two Marks Questions

Q 8) The chainage of the intersection point of two straight lines is 1585.60 m and the angle of intersection is 40°. If the radius of a circular curve is 600 m, the tangent distance (in m) and length of the curve (in m) are -

(a) 418.88 and 1466.08
(b) 218.38 and 1648.45
(c) 218.38 and 418.88
(d) 418.88 and 218.38

[GATE-2014 SET-I]

Q 9) Group-l lists tool/instrument while
Group-ll lists the method of surveying. Match the tool/instrument with the corresponding method of surveying.

group i

  • P Alidade
  • Q Arrow
  • R Bubble Tube
  • S Stadia hair

group II

  1. Chain Survey
  2. Levelling
  3. Plane table surveying
  4. Theodolite surveying


(a) 3 2 1 4
(b) 2 4 3 1
(c) 1 2 4 3
(d) 3 1 2 4

[GATE-2014, SET-I]

Q 10) Two straight lines intersect at an angle of 60°. The radius of a curve joining the two straight lines is 600m. The length of long chord and mid-ordinates in metre of the curve are

(a) 80.4, 600.0
(b) 600.0, 80.4
(C) 600.0, 39.89
(d) 49.89, 300.0


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