Design of Lined & Unlined Canals Important Question For GATE

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Design of Lined & Unlined Canals Important Question For GATE

Design of Lined & Unlined Canals Important Question For GATE

Design of Lined & Unlined Canals Important Question For GATE Navigating the GATE landscape in civil engineering requires a thorough grasp of canal design intricacies. Join us in this exploration of essential questions, focusing on the design of both lined and unlined canals, to fortify your knowledge base and position yourself for success

one mark questions

Q 1) The depth of flow in an alluvial channel is 1.5m. If critical velocity ratio is 1.1 and Manning's n is 0.018, the critical velocity of the channel as per Kennedy's method is

(a) 0.713 m/s
(b) 0.784 m/s
(C) 0.879 m/s
(d) 1.108 m/s


Q 2) A stable channel is to be designed for a discharge of Q m3/s with silt factor of as per Lacey's method. The mean flow velocity (m/s) in the channel is obtained by

(a) [ Qf2/140 ]1/6
(b) [ Qf2/140 ]1/3
(C) [ Q2f2/140 ]1/6
(d) 0.48 [ Q/f ]-1/3


Q 3) As per the Lacey's method for design of alluvial channels, identify the true statement from the following :

(a) Wetted perimeter increase with an increase in design discharge
(b) Hydraulic radius increases with an increase in silt factor
(c) Wetted perimeter decreases an increase in design discharge
(d) Wetted perimeter increases with increase in silt factor


Q 4) On which of the canal systems, R.G. Kennedy, executive engineer in the Punjab Irrigation Department made his observations for proposing his theory on stable channels?

(a) Krishna Western Delta canals
(b) Lower Bari Doab canals
(c) Lower Chenab canals
(d) Upper Bari Doab canals


Q 5) The medium size of the sediment particles in an alluvial channel is 0.4 mm. For a discharge of 3 m3/sec, the Lacey regime slope would be_____?


Two Marks Questions

Q 6) Lacey's scour depth for a stream carrying a discharge of 3 cumecs per meter width having a silt factor 1.2 is______?


Five Marks Questions

Q 7) A culturable command area for a distributary is 12,000 hectares. The intensity of irrigation is 90-percent for Rabi and 80-percent for Kharif crop. The outlet factors for Rabi and Kharif crops are 720 ha/cumec and 775 ha/cumec, respectively. Design a lined canal having hydraulically efficient trapezoidal shape with 2H: 1V side slopes and a bed slope of 1/5000. Assume Manning's roughness coefficient to be 0.014.


Q 8) An area of 40000 ha. has to be irrigated by a canal for growing banana in 15000 ha. and 25000 ha, for growing paddy. The peak water requirements of banana and paddy are 12 cm/month and 16 cm/month respectively and these peak demands occur at the same month. Design a suitable canal section using Lacey's method. Adopt a side slope of 0.5 H:1V.


Q 9) Determine section of Lacey's Regime channel carrying a discharge of 10 m/sec in an alluvium of 0.5 mm


Q 10) Design an irrigation channel in alluvial soil according to Lacey's silt theory with the following data, discharge is 50 m3/sec. Lacey's silt factor = 1, side slope 1/2H: 1V


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